No matter what level you are at, within weeks, you can develop a forehand that your opponents will fear.
Here's what you will learn
5 sources of power
There are 5 sources of power in the forehand stroke. This course teaches you how to combine these 5 sources of power to create a forehand that puts your opponents on the run!
Pin-point accuracy
Place the ball exactly where you want it
While power is important, having the ability to place the ball exactly where you want it is a key requirement for winning tennis. In this course you will learn why the modern professional forehand produces such consistent accuracy.
Effortless topspin
Increase the margin of error on your forehand
The modern professional forehand, by its very design, generates a lot of topspin. Learn how to increase margin of error using topspin while simultaneously achieving massive forward drive.
20-point checklist
Attention to every detail
Do you aspire to be a top level player? In that case you will appreciate the attention this course puts to every detail that goes into developing a first class forehand weapon. Learn the 15 things every professional player does well in executing their forehands.
Kids & Beginners
Easier to learn and quicker results
Late timing, wrist instability, racket-to-eye coordination and high ball bounces - all issues kids and beginners often have when learning this sport. In this course, I show how kids and beginners can develop consistency a lot quicker than with swing styles of earlier eras.
Prevent injury
Less stress on your body
We live longer nowadays. And, we want to continue playing tennis into our 60's and 70's. The modern professional forehand puts much less stress on your wrist, arm, shoulder and back. Some coaches actually recommend this style of stroke to players suffering from repetitive stress injuries like tennis elbow!
Here's what you get
Lifetime access to the online Live For Tennis modern professional forehand course in the members area.
Text and video explanations of each of the components that comprise the modern professional forehand
20-point quick reference checklist. Use this list as a quick and easy way to check your technique during practice sessions.
30-day money back guarantee. Although I know that there is tremendous value packed into this course, sometimes we are not ready to learn a new technique. In that case, I will refund your purchase in full.
As a bonus you will receive 1 full year of updates to the modern professional forehand course delivered directly into the members area as they become available.
Here's what Richard's students are saying
"Learning the new , modern tennis strokes has improved my game and made hitting the ball smooth and effortless with added power."
Carol Quackenbush
3.5 Club Player
"Ever since I started practicing with my coach Richard, he has helped improve my forehand tremendously by focusing on core fundamentals that were previously unknown to me"
Hunter Gomersall
High School Varsity Player
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